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Professional Insurance

Professional Insurance

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Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance covers expenses related to accidents caused by the company to third parties. It is the most well-known insurance among professionals. But do you really know if you are adequately covered?

Comprehensive basic insurance with individual supplementary benefits

Financial protection in case of claims for damages

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Commercial Inventory Insurance

Your company's inventory and goods are insured against risks such as fire, water damage, burglary, and glass breakage. In case of a claim, the insurer reimburses you for the new value of your inventory or the market value of your goods.

Comprehensive coverage against fires, water damage, glass breakage, and theft

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Accident Insurance (LAA-LAAC)

Accident insurance protects you against expenses resulting from an accident. It covers medical expenses, outpatient treatments, hospital stays, and medications. It also covers daily allowances.

Supplementary accident insurance (LAAC) also provides reimbursement for hospitalization costs in a private ward and comprehensive coverage abroad.

Get better services on more advantageous terms

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Loss of Earnings Insurance in Case of Illness (PGM)

Loss of earnings insurance includes daily allowances over a long period as well as comprehensive health coverage, also covering pre-existing conditions.

Loss of earnings insurance is essential for self-employed individuals who do not contribute to the 2nd pillar.

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Professional Provident Fund

Professional provident funds cover insured employees and their dependents. Choosing the right pension fund can be complex and can have significant consequences. The LPP remains therefore a point not to be neglected when choosing professional insurance.