Individual Insurance

Individual Insurance

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Considered increasingly insufficient, the benefits of the 1st and 2nd pillars no longer allow today to ensure a 100% standard of living in retirement. This is where the 3rd pillar plays a crucial role in maintaining a decent standard of living while covering benefits such as disability, loss of income, or death.

Today, hundreds of offers are available on the market, with different coverages and benefits. EMG helps you find the tailored offer.

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Health Insurance

Do you think you are adequately covered in case of health problems? Are you paying the right price for your basic insurance?

EMG performs a detailed comparison of all health insurance companies to combine coverage and low prices.

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Car Insurance

Breakdown on the road? Collision with an object during a parking maneuver? Choosing the right car insurance can be a decisive factor in the event of a claim. EMG helps you find insurance covering all risks related to your car according to the following coverages:

Third-party liability

Partial casco

Comprehensive casco

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Liability & Household Insurance

Household liability insurance combines two of the most important insurances in Switzerland: household inventory insurance and liability insurance. Household insurance covers all your personal belongings and liability insurance allows you to keep your peace of mind even when negligence leads to significant financial consequences.

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Legal Protection

Many believe they are immune from any dealings with the law. However, a dispute that could lead to a lawsuit can arise more quickly than you think. EMG guides you in choosing your legal protection for all your needs:

Traffic legal protection

Private legal protection

Real estate legal protection